Blackboard Tricks – Emailing Classes

Did you know you can email class members directly through Blackboard? It’s very easy to do! Just log in to Blackboard and select “Send Email” from your home screen. You will find the link in the “Tools” section on the top left side of your page.

You will need to select the name of the class you wish to email, and choose whom you’d like to email:

What’s really useful is that you can choose to contact the entire class, or just select certain groups (assuming you’ve created groups in your Blackboard class).  This is a great & very simple way to contact your students—no need to create distribution lists in Outlook, track down email addresses, or any of the rest of it! Happy emailing!



#cotlf #edtech #elemchat Manage multiple spelling lists and help your students learn their spelling words with SpellingCity. SpellingCity is a great website that provides fun ways for students to practice their spelling words. It can be used to practice vocabulary as well.  Teachers can create a free account to set up their spelling lists, but students don’t need an account to access these lists! Students can play games to practice their words, and even take spelling tests online.  When students take a spelling test online, the website will read the word out loud and even read a sentence using the word. Best of all, the voice is not robotic and easy to understand. Use SpellingCity to help you differentiate spelling for students and allow students to take spelling tests at their own pace.  Students get their results online both for games & tests and can post screenshots of these results right into Blackboard for you to see!  PSD folks, contact a TechTrainer to learn how to use this site with your kids!

Flashcards get a Facelift!

#cotlf #edtech #elemchat Help your students learn vocabulary and memorize facts & formulas.  If you’ve never heard of Quizlet, check it out! Quizlet is a flashcard and study games website that you and your students can use for free! You can either use one of over 8 million pre-made flashcard sets, or create an account and make your own. Your students don’t need accounts to access the flashcards you create for them, and you can even embed the flashcards and games into your Blackboard site! If your students have a smart phone, they can also download one of several free apps that will allow them to access Quizlet flashcards and practice anytime, anywhere.  PSD folks, contact a TechTrainer to learn how to use this site with your kids!