Taking “Pictures” on Your Computer

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One of the most useful tools in the teacher’s toolbox is the “Snipping Tool”.  The snipping tool was released with Windows 7 and allows you to take a “snip” of anything on your computer.  You can access the snipping tool by using the search bar in the start menu or by following the pathway Start Menu>All Programs>Accessories>Snipping Tool

The snipping tool works great to capture all or part of your screen.  In fact, almost all of the pictures used in this blog were captured using the snipping tool.  The ideal time to use the snipping tool is when right click (to save an image) is disabled or you only want a specific part of an image.

For example, here’s a picture of the water cycle, taken from the web by the traditional right click>save as route:


As you can see, the image is very large and has a lot of information.  If we wanted to focus on a specific part of this image, we can use the snipping tool.  snowfall

Now, we have focused on a specific part of the larger image.  As part of an interactive (SMART Board) activity, you could take “snips” of each section of a poster like this, mix them up, and then have your students arrange the “snips” in the correct positions.

image source: http://nca2009.globalchange.gov/sites/default/files/3-Water-pg-42_top.jpg



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Glogster helps students create graphic blogs (glogs) which are great as performance based assessments.

A Glogster page can be used as an introduction page, advertisement, or virtual poster. It is a multimedia presentation situated on one index page. You choose a template and then add elements to customize. The interface is easy to use and guides you through the process of making a Glog.


Brad Avery’s Glog gives some insight into his life and interests.  Some middle school science teachers in PSD , in the past, have had students create endangered species posters for their ecology unit.  In the interest of saving paper and allowing for greater creativity, some teachers are will now be working with students to use Glogster to create these posters.

Note: http://edu.glogster.com/ is the school-friendly version of Glogster since its content is filtered for appropriateness. For personal use http://www.glogster.com/ is fine.